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Lewis the Pixel

I made this game for Ludum Dare #23. Its a simple minimalistic roguelike, with a small window to fit with the theme of Tiny World. I was not in the mood for Ludum Dare and lost a lot of time, so the game is pretty sucky.

Download and info: Here

Timelapse of me making it: Here


Yes, I know I haven’t posted in ages. So between this and my last post I’ve written all sorts of things like a library, an IRC bot from scratch, a Facepunch API wrapper , a Steam bot and more. Over the past few days, however I wrote an ‘educational’ sidescroller:

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dotOmegle and CleverOmegle

Hello, haven’t posted here in a while.

For the past few weeks I’ve been interested in Omegle, the anonymous chat network. For those who haven’t heard of it, it’s a site where you can chat to random people.

For this reason I wrote dotOmegle. It’s a .NET library for accessing the chat network. It has everything you need for writing a Omegle chatbot or whatever. Please don’t write spambots though, they’re annoying and nobody likes them. You can download the latest version here. Read more after the jump.

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FTP Uploader Thing

I have no clue why, but I made a thing that uploads stuff to FTP. I’ll explain better with screenshots:

The program connects to your FTP server. It creates X folders in a given directory. Each folder will have a Base62 name, and inside it will be a file with a Base62 name. Each file will contain X Base62 characters. In the above screenshot, the file “SCQvrArWAD.txt” will contain “3tqo3elUZGphtmuIklDbhh4P3″. You should limit the folder length to 10 and file length to 10. There can be up to 2147483647 characters in each text file, though you will be hitting memory and bandwidth problems at that amount. There is no limit to the amount of folders you can create

I have no clue why I made this, but it was fun learning about the FTP protocol and the like.

Heres the link: Download

Obligatory disclaimer: I take no responsibility for what you do with this program. Do not use it on an FTP server that does not belong to you.

– Naarkie


So I have been working on the bot almost daily now. It supports:

  • Google Searching
  • Urban Dictionary search through XPath
  • Random Fact fetching through XPath
  • Automatic kicking from a channel. The bot checks if a predetermined nick, user or ip joins a channel. If it does, it kicks the user. If the user changes IP’s or nicks or users, you can add the new IP/nick/user to the autokick list.
  • Full logging support (channel messages, priv messages, errors, info (joining,parting,banning,kicking,etc.)
  • You can talk to other people through the bot by PM’ing it with “say RECIPIENT |MESSAGE”. Eg, “say #testchannel |hello” or “say Naarkie|hello”
  • Various trivial commands, such as a countdown till Christmas, uptime of the bot, countdown till New Years Eve

I am working on a messaging system so that you can leave a message for an offline user. When the user comes back on, the bot will relay the message to the user, including the date the message was set, and who set the message.

No screenshots to show really :P



So I’m working on an IRC bot.

It’s written in C#, and it uses the SmartIRC4Net library. I’ve got quite a few commands for it so far.

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Yay, a decks creator

Added support for creating decks:

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